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Plan Now To Avoid Estate And Probate Problems

Many people put off planning their estates. Unfortunately, this can create problems for your family members if you die or are incapacitated. A court could end up making decisions that are best made by you.

At Pittman & Pittman Law Offices, LLC, our lawyers create estate plans for families in western Wisconsin and eastern Minnesota. We also represent executors and beneficiaries in Wisconsin and Minnesota probate proceedings. Call our office at 608-620-7774 for a free initial consultation.

An estate plan consists of legal documents that tell family members and the probate court what you want to happen if you die or become incapacitated by a stroke or other illness. Those legal documents may include:

  • A will: A will determines who should receive your assets and when they should receive them.
  • Trusts: A trust can help you meet specific objectives, such as provide assets to an incapacitated family member or minimize estate taxes.
  • Power of attorney: If you unable to act for yourself or communicate your wishes, a power of attorney allows you to name a trusted person who can step into your shoes and make decisions.
  • Advance directives for health care: A Wisconsin living will and power of attorney for heath care allows you to tell family members and doctors whether you want feeding tubes or other artificial life support if you are in a terminal condition with no hope of recovery.

Our lawyers also handle elder law issues such as Medicaid planning.

Probate Services

If you have been named the executor of a loved one’s will, our attorneys will guide you through the probate process in the most efficient manner possible. We also represent executors and family members in probate disputes.

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