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Life After Bankruptcy: What Happens Now?

Many people have concerns about the long-term impact of a bankruptcy filing. Some believe that their credit rating will never recover and they will never be eligible for a loan again. The fact is, there is life after bankruptcy and once you have discharged your debt you can focus on a new start to your future, eventually repairing any damage that a bankruptcy filing may have caused.

At Pittman & Pittman Law Offices, LLC, our attorneys are here to help ease you through the debt relief process and to help you formulate a plan for moving forward. Whether you are an individual who is facing overwhelming debt or own a business that is having difficulty paying the bills, we are here for you every step of the way.

Rebuilding Your Credit

The most noticeable effect of filing for bankruptcy is the damage it will cause to your credit score. However, in the long run, addressing your debt through bankruptcy will likely be less damaging than allowing yourself to fall further into debt. You can begin improving your credit score through a number of different ways almost immediately after you have sought bankruptcy protection. The most important thing is to continue to pay your bills on time, including mortgage payments if your filing enabled you to avoid foreclosure.

Another step you can take is to secure a debit card. This will enable you to place funds that you actually have into your bank account and use your card as you would a traditional credit card. As long as you do not overdraft your account, you will be able to steadily increase your score. Your bank may also offer credit counseling or credit rebuilder loans, which can also help speed this process along.

Helping Farmers Get Back On Their Feet

Wisconsin farmers have been hit particularly hard by a wide range of economic forces, causing many to seek debt relief through bankruptcy. Whether you run a family farm or have a partnership or incorporation, we can help explore what options are available to you following your bankruptcy filing.

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