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Bankruptcy Will Put A Stop To Creditor Harassment

One advantage of filing bankruptcy is that it protects you from adverse actions by creditors. If you are dealing with issues such as garnishments, repossessions, collection calls or lawsuits, filing bankruptcy will put an immediate stop to those actions.

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Bankruptcy And The Automatic Stay

The bankruptcy automatic stay puts an immediate stop to all attempts by creditors to collect on debts you owe. Here are just a few examples of the types of actions bankruptcy will stop:

  • Garnishments: If a creditor has garnished your paycheck or your bank account, filing bankruptcy will stop it immediately.
  • Repossessions: Filing bankruptcy will prevent a creditor from repossessing your car or other assets.
  • Lawsuits: Filing bankruptcy will put an immediate stop to lawsuits to recover money.
  • Phone calls: Once you file bankruptcy, creditors will be barred from calling you. If the calls continue, you may be able to sue the creditor and recover damages.

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